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How to Run a PR Race

I’m sure every runner would like to run their PR race every race they do. Unfortunately that does not always happen to be the case or even really the norm. But what I would like to let you in on is a little secrete on how to start running your PR.

So first off let’s take a look at your recent racing. Have you been trying and trying to run that one PR time and just keep falling short or can’t get over that hump? I know for me that has been the case for some time in some of the distances I race in.

But I’ve recently figured out what the problem was. You have to take this all back to the basics and look at what your technology is for running. Do you have a technology? Meaning what is it what you can do which will 100% of the time produce that PR and of course being legal/ethical. If you don’t know what that is off the top of your head you need to find out.

Think about it… how can you expect to run a (insert time here) if you are not even sure how to train for it or what other things you should be doing to ensure you get your PR.

So the basic first step in all this is to find out what is the exact science or technology behind running your PR race. And that might be getting the right fitting shoes, doing some weight-lifting, running such and such mileage, etc…

But how do you find out what that it? Well you can first start by asking other runners then take a look at some books (there are some great books on training out there) and if all that still turns up no answers then you must figure out or develop the training and science.

One last note on this, it’s key to understand, know and recognize you might come across information or data that just does not work, basically data that does not get you to reach your PR, and it might be advertised that it will work. So your going to have to really check things out, find out from others… did this thing work or not.

Well hope that helps and please let me know, I’d love to here you got your PR :).

And make sure to log it in your running log.

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