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Guys Are Allowed to Run the Nike Women’s Marathon

I was shocked when I found this out. It did not even cross my mind that men could run this race. But I don’t know why you would, especially after I give you more details.

I recently stumbled across a blog post about Men Want to Be Princesses, Too, detailing all about men running the Nike Women’s Marathon. And of course being a guy myself, run this race and the idea of being a princesses just does not appeal to me!

But anyways, Nike does allow men to run the race. Although the race awards and giveaways are not general neutral. Meaning you still get “free pedicures at the race expo, Tiffany necklaces (in place of a finisher’s medal) handed out by tuxedo-clad firefighters at the finish, and feminine-looking giveaway shirts.” That does not sound like something me or most guys would want.

On the other hand running a race which does not have many male entries could be a plus. I could definitely see the benefit of running such a race. Think about it how many races have a low number of male runners in them. Not too many of any that I can recall. Most races have many male runners and sometimes a lower number of females participants.

If it was only as good as that… I mean I guess you could just avoid all the girly stuff they give away and just run the race. But you from what I’ve heard some of the top male finishers sometimes get booed or heckled. Not very sportsman like but of course you are running a women’s race.

I wonder if at some point Nike will do a Men’s only race? But then again a good deal of races feature more men then women so I don’t think the chance of having such a race is too high.

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