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What Do You Think About the Emailed Running Mileage Stats

So what do you think about the running mileage stats that get emailed to you once a week. We missed a week or two there of getting those out to you as we are still developing the infrastructure to send them out once a week to you (there’s quite a few of you running signed up with us out there :).

Do you have any suggestions or comments about the stats? We are going to try and set this up so it will automatically be sent on either Monday or Tuesday of the week. So you’ll get last week’s totals and stats at the beginning of the week. How does that sound?


Love that you mail out the weekly status!!! Having them come on a regular day would be great. :) Love that they can be uploaded to facebook too!
Log That Run
@1runninggirl Thanks! Glad to hear they're helpful. We are working on some things to make it easier to share more with Facebook and Twitter so stay tuned.

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