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New Shoe Mileage Tracking Feature

We’re are proud to announce a new feature to! You can now track the mileage on your shoes and get notified when they reach a max allotted mileage. This will greatly assist you in making sure you’re shoes are safe, not too worn and let you know when you need to change them out.

With the shoe tracker feature you have the ability to add a shoe on the Your Shoes page, then from there you can go to your running log and when you log a run that shoe will appear in the shoe choice’s drop down box while editing that running log entry. To view the total mileage on your shoes just visit Your Shoes page and you can view each shoe’s details. Also to make things easier, we have added a Shoe Mileage Tool that allows you to quickly add and remove logged running mileage from and to your shoes.

The Shoe Mileage Tool also has select all and deselect all tool buttons that allow you to select/deselect all running entries for a given month that you’re viewing.

When you reach your max allotted mileage for a shoe the shoe tracker feature also will automatically notify you by a popup on your running log page. In addition it conventionally provides you with a link and details about purchasing new shoes. You can change your allotted mileage settings for a shoe on the Your Shoes page. This can be set to any amount of mileage you would like. By default it is set to 300 miles. It’s been suggested that around 300 miles most shoes will need to be changed out. Also if you prefer not to receive popups about shoe mileage you can set it to no popups on the Your Shoes page.

So login to your running log today and start tracking your shoe mileage!

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