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Shared Run Highlights Ever Friday on Twitter

Each Friday we are going to be twittering highlighted shared runs. We will post a link and title to the staff picks that week for maps you’ve shared with our community. We will also include the tag #sharedrunfriday at the end of our twitter on Fridays that way you can easily search for past highlighted shared runs.

We also welcome you to be part of the discussion and post the runs you like each Friday on Twitter. Just be sure to include the tag #sharedrunfriday at the end of our tweet.

You can check us out on twitter here:

Also be sure to follow us on twitter for other updates and information and check out this Friday’s #sharedrunfriday tweet.


Do you want come constructive criticism? The 'graph views' say "millage" instead of mileage and on the weekly graphs it says "wen" for wednesday instead of "wed" like it is traditionally abbreviated. I'll let you know about anything else I find... just want your site to shine!
Log That Run
Hi Bogdana, thanks for spotting that. We've corrected the issue and appreciate you letting us know about it. And do let us know about any other issue you may come across. We too want our site to shine!

Also we're working on making the graph views more sophisticated. Which will allow you to graph and compare even more data. Be sure to check our blog and newsletters for updates on this.

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