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5 Marathon Race Tips

Yes, it’s spring time again and with that brings in the new season for marathons and for collegiate sports, track & field. In fact some of the bigger marathons are just around the corner, including the Boston Marathon. So lets focus in on some tips that can help you make your race safer, easier and faster!

  1. Eat Something During Race - For most of us running 26.2 miles can be pretty taxing on our body and will use up a significant amount of energy. Replacing that energy and doing it appropriately is a key step to a successful marathon. Many races will even give out food supplements such as the seemingly popular Gu. But an important thing to remember is that some of these food supplements might not be the best thing for your body. Make sure to check out what is actually in these supplements before ingesting them. Some contain a lot of caffeine which could do more harm than good, depending on what’s best for your body. The best thing to do is test these out on a long run during your training prior to running a marathon.
  2. Wear Non Rubbing Clothing - An unfortunately and sometimes very painful side to running is that some clothing can contribute to rubbing that can cause rope type burns on your body. Make sure you’re clothing does not have excessive seams as they can lead to this type of problem. As well running in clothing specially made for long distance running should be safer.
  3. Get Plenty of Rest - A key step to a good race is always a good nights rest. Running a race with out proper rest can really wear down your body. One thing I’ve found very successful is giving yourself more time to sleep than you usually do that way you’ll make sure you get a good night’s rest (in case you get butter flies the night before).
  4. Stay Focused - Keeping focused on the race can sometimes be rather difficult especially if your running for hours. But staying alert, noticing those around you and paying attention to the race time can all help keep you focused which can lead to a faster race time.
  5. Drink Water - Although there has been a bit of controversy on what is best for a runner, drinking a lot of water or drinking only a small amount of water during long races such as marathons, I still feel it’s important to get needed fluids into your system. Myself I usually will drink water at ever station, although it might only be a small swish in my mouth. I try not to over do it but certainly not under do it. Understanding when you need to drink more water or drink less can really effect your race. I’d also suggest to practice drinking water during your training so that you know what is appropriate for your body.

Well, I hope that helps you run a successful marathon!


Maggie Muir
In terms to getting enough rest, I've been told that it's actually better to get a better night's rest 2 nights before the marathon. This is attributed to the idea your body can't "catch-up" on sleep immediately, and therefore the previous night's sleep will affect you more than the night before the run.
Log That Run
Hi Maggie, I've heard that as well. And from my experience I believe that to be true. Glad you pointed that out!

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