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We spent months creating what we believe to be the very best online running log. With miles of features packaged in a quick, easy to use and stylish design you'll enjoy keeping track of your workouts with our site. And you'll love mapping runs and sharing them with friends.

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Running Log Features

Check out all we have to offer below or take a test run with our demo account. We're continually improving our site so we'd love to here your feedback in our running forum.
features lots of data
Record tons of data - Record mileage, times, pace, type of run, course, pulse, comments, scheduled workout, weather conditions, temperature, and more.
running graphs  and charts
Graphs and charts - Easily view your training at a glance. See your running mileage graphed weekly, monthly and yearly. View pie charts going over the types of runs you've done.
map runs
Map your runs - Map your runs using our running map application. Find out how far you ran and save your runs for future use or share them with others. You can also add your mapped runs right into your running log as the course you ran for that workout.
weather data
Weather data - Weather for the day and temperature is automatically recorded in your running log and is displayed on each of the days in your running log. A seven day forecast is also displayed on your training log.
coaches view
Let coaches view your log - Allow coaches to view your running log. Choose to allow a coach to view your log and he/she will be able to see a calendar view of your recorded workouts and schedules. So, if you're a coach sign up for a coaches account.
schedule workouts
Schedule workouts - Keep track of what you want to run by scheduling your workout in your running log. Your schedule for that day shows up on the bottom of each day in your running log.

Map Runs With Our Running Map

Not only does our site feature a great training log but it also includes a fantastic running map. From our mapping application you'll be able to plot out your run on a familiar Google Map. And while you're mapping you can see mileage, mile markers and of course use the many other features of Google Maps. Then when you're finished you can save the run to your account to view it latter. Also check out the shared runs other users have posted for everyone to view.

To get started visit our running map application.