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Usain Bolt Will Rabbit The Boston Marathon

Usain Bolt, world record holder and three-time Olympic Gold medalist, is expected to be a rabbit in the Boston Marathon on April 20th. Surprisingly I learned from Runner’s World today that he has been hired to run as a “rabbit,” pacing the leaders through mile 15.

It will be interesting to see how he will fair as a pace runner. Honestly though, I’m actually wondering if he will be able to pace the leaders for 15 miles being that he is primarily a sprinter. To me it sounds like a odd choice for a pace runner. And of course he is known for his show boating so I’m not sure what we can expect from him. Will he try to keep running the whole race? But from what Runner’s World has been told it sounds like there won’t be to many surprises. “We fully expect he’ll do the right thing: Run at the front for 15 miles, then step aside and give some of the slower guys a shot at winning.”

… This just in, April fools!

Well no matter I’m sure the Boston Marathon will be a spectacular race this year. Check out the interactive race course posted in our race directory to see where the course goes.

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