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Working on Adding Shoe Milage Feature

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

You might have noticed the pick shoe option when saving a run recently. Soon you’ll be able to add your running shoes to your account and keep track of the millage you run on each of your shoes. We hope to also add a feature that will alert you know once it’s time to get a new pair of shoes based on the amount of millage you’ve run in them. And possible display some shoe similar to yours that you can purchase from shoe companies online.

We’ll send out another newsletter once we get this finished but I think it will make using our running log more effective and make training and running even easier. Plus we hope to help prevent injuries by having the shoe alert feature, because commonly most injuries are from improper or worn out shoes.

Let us know what you think, I know a quite a few of you had suggested we add this feature to our site. So we hope to have it up and running for you soon!

Link To Us And Get A Free Sticker

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

We’re giving away free stickers to anyone who links to our website from their site (including blogs, myspace, facebook, ect…) Place a link anywhere on your site or a social media page such as your facebook page and we’ll send you a free sticker. The sticker features the ever famous running saying “My Sport Is Your Sport’s Punishment”.

Just send us an email detailing where you linked to us and your mailing address and we’ll mail you a sticker. We’ll even pay the shipping!

And if you link to us in a couple places we’ll send you a sticker for each link.

Free Running Log To Record Your Workouts

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Ever wanted to record your training in a free easy to use format that automatically graphs and stats your runs as well as collects and organizes all of your running and workout data? Well say no more, provides all of that and more.

With you can record all of your workout information, such as how far you ran, where, type of run, how long it took, the type of weather, your pulse, and any other comments you wish to make about the workout. All the information you enter is displayed on an easy to view calendar that also updates itself with the weather in your location and provides a 7 day forecast from The Weather Channel.

In addition to collecting and displaying your data, the interactive running log also stats, graphs, and charts your workouts. You can view graphs of your mileage you ran and charts comparing the types of runs you did.

And one of the most popular features is the interactive course or running route map. Where you can map out a running route and get the millage of a run and save it for view latter, share with others, or integrate it into your running log. The running route map is based on Google Maps so it’s very accurate and easy to use.

All of this is free, all you have to do is signup for an account at It’s just a small token of appreciation we can give to fellow runners.

New Design Is Now Live!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Our new design is now live! We’ve expanded on a few features on the site including a fresh looking design, directory for mapped runs, better directory for races, able to comment on races and mapped runs, added this blog, re-developed the coach’s account, corrected running log to allow any amount of time for a run, and added a tell-a-friend form (so you can easily and quickly tell your friends about out website).

Here is an overview of the new (shared) mapped runs directory. To make it easier to view mapped runs, we’ve provide a directory that can be navigated through. You can view by location, milage, and user. As well we’ve added a search feature, ability to post comments on runs, and some ways for you to share the mapped run with others. To share runs with other people we’ve added share links to facebook, myspace, windows live, and digg.

And for those doing the actual mapping of running routes we’ve added a description feature so you can add a description to the run. Your description will show up on the run’s web page.

In the past we’ve had some issues with the coach’s account working. We have now corrected those issues and re-developed and designed the look of the coach’s account. It’s now much easier to add and remove athletes from an account and for athlete to accept or decline a coach.

And we’re not stopping there! We’ll going be making more developments to the site so if you have any suggestions or wishes just let us know.

New Design and Features to Commemorate 100th User

Friday, September 19th, 2008

To commemorate our 100th user for signing up we’ve unveiled a brand new design and more features. As of writing this blog post the design and features are not unveiled yet but WOW we’ve really out done ourselves. I’m sure you’ll like the new design and added features, this blog included.

We’ve added a much more sophisticated way of browsing through shared running routes and our race directory. Now you’re able to browse through mapped runs shared by users and races based on distance and location. As well the ablility to search through runs and races with our quick search. In addition, you can post comments on shared running routes.

Our new blog will feature tips on training, staying injury free, general info on running, and info about our site. Feel free to comment on our blog posts and subscribe to our reader.