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Free Running Log To Record Your Workouts

Ever wanted to record your training in a free easy to use format that automatically graphs and stats your runs as well as collects and organizes all of your running and workout data? Well say no more, provides all of that and more.

With you can record all of your workout information, such as how far you ran, where, type of run, how long it took, the type of weather, your pulse, and any other comments you wish to make about the workout. All the information you enter is displayed on an easy to view calendar that also updates itself with the weather in your location and provides a 7 day forecast from The Weather Channel.

In addition to collecting and displaying your data, the interactive running log also stats, graphs, and charts your workouts. You can view graphs of your mileage you ran and charts comparing the types of runs you did.

And one of the most popular features is the interactive course or running route map. Where you can map out a running route and get the millage of a run and save it for view latter, share with others, or integrate it into your running log. The running route map is based on Google Maps so it’s very accurate and easy to use.

All of this is free, all you have to do is signup for an account at It’s just a small token of appreciation we can give to fellow runners.

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