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What Do You Think About When You Run

Non-runners have often asked me what I think about when I run… and I’ve even heard some runners asking each other this question. My answer is always been that I try not to think about anything. But I’ve heard other runners state things like their work, family, life’s problems and issues or what they did in training.

My philosophy has been that if one can simple keep one’s “mind” in the here and now by not thinking about other times, times to be, or day dreaming then one can be focused on the run a hand which will make you run faster. Personally I’ve seen this work for myself over and over again. So I try to stick to that. But I have to admit it is tough at times.

Here are a tip you can use to pull this off. One is to look around while you’re running. Not necessarily moving your head all over the place looking although that does work but becomes a little distracting when running. But instead glaceing at objects, people and things as they come into your field of vision in front of you. I’ve found that keeping once attention on your surroundings seems to keep one’s mind in the here and now without having you have to think about anything else.

So give it a try… by the way, what do you think about when you run?


If I'm running alone, I try to focus on something positive so I don't hit that mental roadblock. Sometimes it's clearing my mind and focusing on the scenary or planning the next fun event. I try to run with a partner so we can talk and make the miles click by. :)
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@1runninggirl those are great ideas. I've found running with a partner or groups does help too.

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