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We Now Have Well Over 2,000 Members!

It’s exciting new! We now have well over 2,000 members to our running log. I am very happy to see so many people are interested in running and recording their runs. As well it’s great to be able to give back sometime to the running community!

Our member list includes people from all over the world and continues to grow each day. We love seeing more people find our site and help them in there training with our free online tools.

For the future we are planning on adding some more feature to our site in the up coming months. As well as possibly a new design that will make the features and functions (as well as the running log page itself) much easier and fun to use.

In addition we are planning to start making blog posts much more regularly. It’ been a bit off and on in the past but we’re working on getting regular posts being done so as to provide you with tip, advice and news about our site. So if you have any ideas or want to guest post on our blog contact us.

Lastly, as always your comments and suggestions for making our site better are always welcome. And we look forward making our site even more helpful to you!

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