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Working on Improvements and New Features for 2010

We are currently working on improvements and new features for 2010. Some of the improvements and new features include:

  1. Making the graphs and charts more accurate and more freedom to graph different aspects of your running log.
  2. Creating a page where you can view all your mapped runs and their details including descriptions
  3. Creation of group/club/team pages were you can join a team page and share your running data and mapped runs as well as chat with team members.
  4. Ability to add more then 1 run a day
  5. New design making the site look even more aesthetic and easier to use
  6. The much anticipated grid view as an alternative view to the calendar running log view
  7. Another anticipated features - ability to change imperial measurements from miles/Fahrenheit to metric kilometers/Celsius
  8. Export and import running log data from your computer using an excel sheet
  9. Facebook running log application
  10. Twitter running log application - this one is actually already in place, check out your settings page to opt in your Twitter account (don’t forget to follow us on Twitter)

Let us know if you have any other suggestions. We love to hear from you and your creative ideas!

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