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Quick Tips for Running in the Sun

With the summer upon us many of us are in climates where the sun is beating down on us pretty hard during our run. So here are some quick tips for dealing with the sun and heat on a run.

  1. Wear sun block/screen - I know it might not always be the popular thing to do or might take time to put it on but it’s well worth it. What’s better having a sun burn so bad you can’t go out and run or wearing sun screen?
  2. Stop for water - Stop for water every chance you get. When it’s hot you need more water. Also make sure you’re getting enough salt too - you don’t want to unbalance your water to salt ratio.
  3. Wear light clothing - If you wear clothing that weights less and will dry quicker this can not only keep you cooler but also prevent you from caring a lot of excess weight due to clothing being soaked from sweat.
  4. Place water stops - One thing I highly recommended is going out before your run, in your car or whatever, and setting up a water station for yourself. This can really help keep you hydrated.
  5. Don’t Over Do It - If you’re feeling light headed or any other signs of heat exhaustion then stop. It’s not worth pushing your body past it’s limits and have to pay for it for with several days of no running. Play it safe but run hard at the same time - if that makes sense :).

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