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6 Things Every Runner Should Have

Running Gear

Running gadgets, clothes and shoes can make a world of a difference in comfort and performance. From the pros to the weekend warriors there are key things every running should not be without.

  1. Shoes - Although there are a few barefoot runners out there who this one won’t apply to but for most of us we need shoes and we need a good pair. Many runners don’t realize there are specific shoes that you should and should not be wearing based on your foot structure and your gait
    (the way you run or walk). Visit your local running specialty store to find out what shoes are best for you.
  2. Shorts - Yes, we should all be wearing short. Another obvious one here. I promise these will be better. And for you ladies a top is needed too, sorry.
    Another quick note, many runners would state that “short” running shorts are a necessity but I would disagree. But then again I’m the guy who runs in long basketball shorts and runs a 2:30 something marathon. So my choices in personalized apparel might be a bit extravagant. :)
  3. GPS Watch - When I first started running we didn’t have any fancy GPS watches just our old simple timers (although rarely but some runners did have custom sports pedometers). Now-a-days GPS watches have become a vital part of training and racing. They’re a key component in ensuring you’re staying on your training pace and an amazing tool for race days.
  4. Salt - You may be wondering why this is on the list. I believe many runners suffer from lack of salt intake. In fact a few years back Runner’s World and other respectable sources where claiming runners where drinking too much water in endurance races, such as the marathon. I believe this was an inaccurate assessment. More likely the issue was that the runners where replacing their water loss from sweat but not also replenishing their lost salt. In fact if you’ve been around the block a few times you might remember sports coaching giving out salt tablets at practices. Today, salt seems to have been lost. It’s time to bring it back!
  5. Emergency Power Gel/Bar - Not all of us train or race with power gels or bars. Some of us don’t like them or don’t need them while other swear by them. Either way you should have some sort of emergency energy food source with you either on your person while running or easily assessable when you finish. Many times we finish a workout and have depleted our energy, electrolytes and other important minerals to a point where they are dangerously low. Having an emergency gel, bar or whatever you fancy can be a Godsend in a time of need.
  6. Water - In many cases carrying water on your person will interfere with your training but you should at least have available water sources near you while running and at very least something around where you finish. I would suggest making it a habit of running near parks and other places with outdoor water fountains. This is especially vital if you live and run in areas where the weather can get quite hot.

So there you have my list of things every runner should have. Now what are your thoughts…What things do you think are a much for every running? What could you not run without? Personally I can’t do without my Garmin, my shoes, some “long” shorts, and my running log.

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