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First Speed Workout Of the Year

I just got done running my first speed workout of the Year today. Boy was that cold air hard on the lungs! I find it’s good to warm-up in a warm area, preferably inside, and then head out into the cold. As well keeping your self as warm as possible through out the workout is key. I’ve been running with gloves and a few layers and I admit I should probably be wearing a hat as well. But I just can’t seem to find one that fits me, conferable to wear, and doesn’t get full of sweat.

Some advice on snowy speed workouts:
In the past I’ve run some workouts on the track while it’s snow covered, although today’s workout was on the road. But hear are some tips on running on a snow covered track. I’ve found that clearing the track as best you can with your shoes before running on it helps, except if this leaves ice exposed then you’ll be sliding all around. In the case were there is ice or pushing the show off leaves ice I usually try not to run in my own tracks that way I minimize compacting the ice and snow down more and making it more slipper.

Another important thing to remember is that if you’re going to get injury running the workout due to the weather and snow conditions then just skip it or cut it short. It’s not worth being injury and being out of commission for multiple days or weeks in comparison to skipping one workout.

Lastly, running in snow and on icy grounds can have an effect on your turnover. Under these conditions your times may be a little slower, but in the long run you’ll be stronger. I equate it similar to running on sand or the beach.

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