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Colder Weather Running Starting Up

Well, with the winter starting up it’s time to face the cold weather once again. Running in the cold has always been somewhat more of a challenge to me. And I’ve always seemed to preform a little less than my best in colder weather. But I have found a few helpful tips that made it more bearable to get through.

For one you want to make sure you have the proper clothing. I know this can be quite obvious but there are times when even I should have worn more layers or had a hat or gloves. So check the weather outside before you go out, even login to your running log here and see what the weather is going to be like that day, or the next day. And remember you can always take layers, a hat or gloves off.

Try to plan your runs so that if you’re going to take layers off then you loop back to a common place to leave them while your still running.

Warm up before your run. This is a big one, I can be guilty of not doing this many times. During the colder seasons it’s extremely important you warm up and cool down properly - including stretching. It’s really amazing how much doing those things can help prevent injuries.

Eating enough foods. This is one you might not be so familiar with but s essential in the cold. When you body is in a colder temperature you burn more calories/energy in order to keep up your body temperature. So as a result you need more food to sustain your energy requirements. Eating a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks a usually a must for those training hard in the colder temperatures.

Well those are just a few tips I thought I would through out there. Let me know if you have other tips you’d like to share.

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