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Barefoot Ice Half Marathon

Last night I watched a TV show on a man named Wim Hof, who wearing only shorts completed the first ever barefoot half marathon on snow in Antarctica. There were no other runners, just him a camera crew and the snow. I didn’t catch the whole show but boy did that look cold! Wim’s run of 13.11 miles on bare feet above the pole circle set a Guinness World Record.

Temperatures on this chilly run where between 20 and 30 degrees celcius below zero.

Quite an inspiration for running on the cold winter roads where I live. It’s not nearly as cold as the Antarctic, and if he can run there barefoot I’m sure I can survive my winter runs.

Upon Wim finishing his Antarctic run his feet where examined for frostbite and to see their condition. There was much concern that he’d lose his toes as they where turning black and he said he lost feeling in his left foot after 11 miles. In the end he didn’t lose his toes, which made him happy and excited to get him self prepared for his next challenge - running on Mt. Everest. But of course for now he’s allowing his feet to recoup.

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