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If you're looking to add a link to our website please read the following rules and guidelines and then fill out the following form if you meet all of our criteria. We are very stict with who we link with. Google and other search engine want you to have quality links and we do too. So you much meet the following criteria for us to consider linking to you.
If you to exchange links you must meet the following criteria:
  1. Link back to us must be on the same domain as the link we give you.
  2. Link must be on a page relevant to our website's topic, such as sports, running, training ect...
  3. Link can not be on a page that is a page setup for resources or link exchanges. Google and other search engines do not find these types of links to be quaility links and therefore we do not wish to have our site listed on such web pages.

General criteria to follow:
  1. Our link must not include the rel="nofollow" tag nor should any other coding on the page render our link useless in the eyes of the search engine
  2. We want partners that link to use that have quality substance on their site.
  3. Our Links must not be on web pages that use deceptive or "back hat"e SEO techniques.
  4. You can add a link to any web page you wish, but follow the general coding:
    <a href="">Running Log</a> is a free online running log were you can record running/training, map runs, save mapped course and share them with friends.

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