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Postby sandeecash on Mon May 25, 2015 8:58 pm

From the point of negative corruption, this is relatively simple, as long as there is corruption, party members can still exist? Standard of course good, the problem is difficult. Sometimes absurd is in particular, can also keep some corrupt even Party members Identity, gucci belt replica Double open Tend to be a difficult thing.
Therefore, how to achieve downsizing? Three is very important: first, must strict standards, especially for those corrupt should be Zero tolerance . All short of spirit and ability, for the pe ople, the honest party member, is can completely gucci belt cheap out of the party's, methods can be varied, such as fire, such as stop, etc. Especially for verify the corrupt, at least a punishment is expelled from the party, there can be no compromise. Second, serious rectification is a powerful measures. Is conducted in the whole party to For the people, pragmatic, honest The mass line as the theme of education practice is a very good measures. Although the main purpose of education is the party, but can try on party member's quality control.
In the implementation of the regulations of the central eight, for example, for those who are against crime, regardless of party members, can completely purged from the party, or fired, or repel, unnecessary still stay at the party. Because a company can not perform the regulations of the central eight of the communist party members, the root of his thought has been completely rotten, even corruption has not yet been determined, I'm afraid it is not far away. Central can completely clear, therefore, all party members, in violation of the regulations of the central eight is testified, immediately expelled from the party. There is also a system's problem is that can't keep the party members to become a status symbol, a symbol of power, and should be the characteristics of the ideals and dedication. In addition to the ideological education of reorganization, still have to solve the problem in the system, that is our party's come in, not for power and status, and should be blunt and dedication to the ideals, should be for the benefit of the masses to struggle.
This problem is very serious, especially in today Individualism Exceeding enlarge era, some party members will be personal in fake gucci belts terests first. System of the problem here is that the problem of power, the power should be restricted by how, how to supervise, maybe not every party member, but once the leadership role of party members.
In removing unqualified, of course, on the problem of the system of party members, the more worth exploring, which is gucci belt to explore a more effective inner-party democracy and social supervision system, through the way of democracy, supervision, by the party's power and social power, will some unqualified members. Beijing, May 10 (xinhua) comprehensive report, Taiwan fishing vessel The xing 28 9 in pingtung county, about 170 nautical miles southeast of goose process by unidentified ships shooting in the Philippines, a crew member dies;
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